Harald van der Weel

Enterprise Architecture Repository: 10 considerations.

During my last assignments I had the rewarding task to drive the introduction of an enterprise architecture repository (EAR).

Among some skillful and motivated architects we exercised the usual stakeholder assessment, identifying their concerns and influence, setting goals and aligning them with the strategic and tactical goals of the organization.

Harald van der WeelEnterprise Architecture Repository: 10 considerations.
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Structuring (a forest of) architecture-roles

“What architects do I require in my organization?”, “What architect could I be?”. Two different questions. One from a customer, the other from a colleague or job applicant. Both questions are related: They both assume (in a way) a clear distinct separation of the architecture domain into roles. Based on job titles, advertisements and function-descriptions there are dozens of architecture-roles used in the field: information architects, enterprise architects, solution architects, software architects… and so on, and so on. You most likely have a feeling about their supposed meaning and responsibilities, just like I do. 

Harald van der WeelStructuring (a forest of) architecture-roles
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4 ways to do Big Data if you already have BI

Big Data, fast data, predictive and prescriptive analytics-… they are here, and they are here to stay. The opportunities are evident, and the technology already available.

Making the right investment choices is a complex issue. Especially when there is already a BI solution in place. In that case: What is the best approach to embrace the promises of Big Data?

Harald van der Weel4 ways to do Big Data if you already have BI
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The Hadoop ecosystem

Hadoop has evolved into a complex ecosystem, consisting of several open source products , frameworks and initiatives by the Apache organization.

This article aims to provide an overview of the eco-system in a structured way.

Harald van der WeelThe Hadoop ecosystem
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Brainport Eindhoven – Data Science capital of the world?

(Dutch Data Science Summit 2014 – Eindhoven, 4 Dec. 2014)

It is already clear that Data Science, Big Data and Analytics are true game changers that will generate business worth of trillions of euros over the next decade. This paradigm is closely connected with other relative new concepts like Internet Of Things (IoT), Cloud, Social Media and Mobility.
The applications of Data Science are beyond imagination. Some of the examples are Decision Management, Customer Intelligence, Preventive Maintenance, Risk Modelling, Operations Optimization, Security and Fraud Detection and even Psychological and Social research. 

Harald van der WeelBrainport Eindhoven – Data Science capital of the world?
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BPM Operational Model

BPM Operational Model

Over a year ago I wrote a blog on a BPM Platform Components model.

Recently Professor Mark von Rosing (BRP and EA Guru) provided me with feedback and asked me if he could use it in a book to be published this year.  I have agreed and based on his input and my own experiences over the last year I’ve updated the model.

Harald van der WeelBPM Operational Model
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