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Is architectuur sexy of een paradox?

Op 15 november 2018 hebben we met SynTouch het Landelijk Architectuur Congres bezocht in de Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Dit jaar was het thema “Paradoxen in Architectuur”. En dit jaar konden we een feestje vieren, want het LAC bestaat 20 jaar !

Normaal gesproken is het beeld van een architect saai, oubollig en werken vanuit een ivoren toren. Kijken of hier langzaam verandering in gaat komen en zelfs sexy gaat worden. Of blijkt dit toch nog steeds een paradox?

Roger van de KimmenadeIs architectuur sexy of een paradox?
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The power of Oracle Event Driven Architecture

Key Takeaways

  • Event Driven Architecture helps with decoupling applications
  • Think about the names used for events
  • Let Publisher publish and filter within subscribers
  • Use meta data within event headers
  • Use standardization on entities within Event, so that the Event is a first citizen data object


There is a lot of hype around Microservices and the use of events for implementing the choreography pattern. However this is nice for companies like Netflix and Twitter, but there are a lot of organisations still struggling with files and ESB like products. Also my current client uses an ESB namely the Oracle SOA Suite 12c for integrations. We cannot just throw away this ESB, but we can make use of the event mechanism built in. This blog describes the way we use the EDN (Event Delivery Network) component, that is used within SOA composites to throw events and to subscribe on events.

Roger van de KimmenadeThe power of Oracle Event Driven Architecture
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A lot of applications have integration possibilities, so do cloud applications. The question I got from a customer is whether to have a point-to-point integration with Cloud applications or to go through their ESB solution. This blog describes some considerations.

Roger van de KimmenadeCloud2Cloud
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Microservices Conference 2018

On the 22 and 23rd of March I went to the ‘Microservices Conference 2018, MicroXchg’ in Berlin. This blog post is a short recap of my experience of this conference, this year held for the 4th time.

My goal was to learn more about the Microservices world, to fill my toolset of possible architecture solutions and of course to see Berlin a bit. Furthermore, I interviewed Chris Richardson about Microservices and his upcoming book on Patterns. This interview is added to this blog as well.

Roger van de KimmenadeMicroservices Conference 2018
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Integreer ERP en productie zonder hoofdpijn

Veel productiebedrijven met productielocaties waar de producten daadwerkelijk gemaakt worden, hebben moeite om de business-systemen aan te sluiten op de productievloer-systemen. Op kantoor worden sales orders ontvangen. Deze worden doorgestuurd naar de planningsafdeling. En uiteindelijk worden de productieorders verstuurd naar de productievloer. Deze supplychain omvat dan plan-source-make-deliver.

Roger van de KimmenadeIntegreer ERP en productie zonder hoofdpijn
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New features WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0

WSO2 has recently released a new version of the API Manager: version 2.0.0. So what are the new features of the product?

I will take you through some new features.


The API Manager consists of three packages to be downloaded.

Roger van de KimmenadeNew features WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0
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WSO2 ESB: Design for testability

Testability is one of the underestimated qualities of software. This is also the case for WSO2 ESB projects. However, it is important to design the integrations for testability. This starts with the way you setup the proxies. This blog gives some guidelines which you can use to design for testability.

Roger van de KimmenadeWSO2 ESB: Design for testability
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WSO2 Conference Europe 2016

This was the first time I went to a WSO2 Conference and this time it was held was Londen!
It was a three days conference with 1 day pre-conference from 7th of June until the 9th of June. The conference is for partners and users of the platform. The second day of the conference was ended with a party.

Roger van de KimmenadeWSO2 Conference Europe 2016
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