BPM Operational Model

BPM Operational Model

Over a year ago I wrote a blog on a BPM Platform Components model.

Recently Professor Mark von Rosing (BRP and EA Guru) provided me with feedback and asked me if he could use it in a book to be published this year.  I have agreed and based on his input and my own experiences over the last year I’ve updated the model.

The most important changes are:

       The name is changed in BPM Operation Model

       A Management Layer is added

       A business solutions group is added

       The architecture group has been extended

I’m still considering adding an infrastructure layer.
Please feel free to send me any additional feedback
BPM Operational Model

The diagram below is a BPM Operational Model. It aims to depict and organize all relevant functional areas that are part of or related to a BPM Platform. It me serve to select a BPM Platform or to assess the BPM capability of the organization in platform functions.

Harald van der WeelBPM Operational Model