Van International Business naar IT

Dennis is 22 jaar oud en werkt nu sinds een paar maanden bij SynTouch. Dennis koos na zijn opleiding International Business Administration voor IT. Hij begon met een IT traineeship, daarna is hij het SynTouch-team komen versterken. Vandaag bezoek ik hem om te kijken hoe zijn werk als consultant bevalt!

Lotte HermsenVan International Business naar IT
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Vergroot de waarde van uw data (Data Value Chain)

“Data and Analytics Programs Will Become Mission-Critical for all Businesses”, gaf Gartner al aan, terwijl Forrester stelt dat “Your Business Is Only As Fast As Your Data”. Data wordt door succesvolle bedrijven meer dan ooit beschouwd als een strategische asset, een noodzaak om het tijdperk van digitale transformatie te overleven.

Harald van der WeelVergroot de waarde van uw data (Data Value Chain)
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Data Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!

Data is Increasingly acknowledged as a strategic asset. It is required by organization to survive in a world that cries for agility, transparency and the power to act. Data Virtualization (DV) and API Management (AM) are two technologies that respond to this need. Therefore, they are in the spotlights today. Both DV and AM aim to provide you an effective, efficient, and controlled access to your data.

Harald van der WeelData Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!
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Mule 4 Project

Wij kunnen de afronding van het eerste Mule 4 project voor één van onze eindklanten bijschrijven op de lijst van succesvolle implementaties. Mule 4 is de nieuwste en meest geavanceerde versie van de runtime engine van MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.

Ronald CoenenMule 4 Project
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9 items to consider when selecting an API Manager

One of my hobbies is photography and when I bought my first camera it was a compact camera. I soon realized and experienced that I needed a reflex camera (SLR), because the resolution, speed and quality was far more better. I did not realize it until I really used the product. The again after a few years I noticed that I did not use my camera a lot. Why was that? Because the camera was pretty big and unpractical to take with me all the time. Then I read about a system camera, which has the advantage of being small, but still has the possibility to switch lenses. I never regretted my choices, because at the time it seemed to be the best choice. Today there are a lot of camera’s with lots of possibilities and specifications. Which one to pick? This depends on a lot of factors. What do you want to photograph with the camera. What type of photographs do you want to take, for example portret-, landscape-, sport- or street photography.

Roger van de Kimmenade9 items to consider when selecting an API Manager
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Een tekortkoming van blockchain

Als je werkzaam bent in de ICT, dan heb je vast gehoord van het CAP-theorema: voor een gedistribueerd systeem is het onmogelijk om tegelijk te voldoen aan alle drie de aspecten Consistency, Availability en Partition Tolerance.

Sander van LaarEen tekortkoming van blockchain
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Initiatief Maleisië voor blockchain voor traceren agrofoodproducten

Volgens Star online wil nu ook de Maleisische staat Penang op korte termijn blockchaintechnologie invoeren voor het traceren van volledige voedingsketens van oorsprong tot gebruikers. Tijdens de Penang International Halal Expo & Conference op 1 maart 2019 sprak de staatssecretaris van Agriculture en Agro-based Industries over het traceren van levensmiddelen.

Sander van LaarInitiatief Maleisië voor blockchain voor traceren agrofoodproducten
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Custom CloudWatch Metrics – revisited

In my previous blog I have investigated how to create custom metrics for an EC2 instance using Python and Boto3, the AWS SDK for Python. At the time I was specifically interested in demonstrating that it was not necessary to use these “old fashionedPERL scripts to post custom metrics from your EC2 instance, but you could also do this yourself rather easily using Python. All steps I’ve taken in the process have been performed manually, but that’s not really something you’d like to do whenever there’s more than [insert your threshold here] instances to provision.

Milco NumanCustom CloudWatch Metrics – revisited
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President Macron roept op tot invoering blockchain in agrifood

Afgelopen 23 februari heeft Macron in een speech bij de opening van de jaarlijkse landbouwbeurs in Parijs zijn visie gegeven op het Europese landbouwbeleid. Met de verwachte verdubbeling van de bevolking van Afrika in 2050 en de klimaatveranderingen is het tijd voor actie.

Sander van LaarPresident Macron roept op tot invoering blockchain in agrifood
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Java User Group 7 & 8 Februari

# Introduction

Although I have never read “Clean Code”, by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin, it’s known as one of the books you have to read if you want to grow as a developer. Writing code that’s doing it’s job is one thing, making sure it is understandable and maintainable by yourself and other developers in your team is essential to keep the ability to deliver business requirements in a timely fasion.

It did not take me long to sign up after I saw Java Usergroup Utrecht, together with my old customer Rabobank, posting 2 meetups with Uncle Bob. One is about Clean Code, the other one is about Clean Architecture. After I was confirmed, I checked with my employer, who thought it was no problem at all to attend. Normally I do this the other way around, but I reckoned this would sell out really quickly. Turned out I was right. There were 400 slots for each day, with a big waitlist eager to jump in if someone could not make it.

In this blog, I share what I have learned on these two very interesting days.

Bas LangenbergJava User Group 7 & 8 Februari
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