Bas @O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference 2019 – Day 2

This is the second blog in a series of 3 blogs about the Velocity Conference 2019 in Berlin. Read the first blog here

Day one Keynotes

The overall theme of today is a shared language between different types of roles within your IT operations. Something the writer of this blog is struggling with this on a daily basis.

Bas LangenbergBas @O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference 2019 – Day 2
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Bas @O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference 2019 – Berlin

This is the first blog in a series of 3 blogs about the Velocity Conference 2019 in Berlin.

Within SynTouch, I try to be on top of the next big thing from infrastructure perspective. Therefore, I went to O’Reilly’s Velocity conference, in my opinion one of the best conferences someone in my area of expertise can go to. This blog is my report on my experience. I wrote down what I took away from the conference and most important, my lessons learned. This blog is a mixture of my own opinions and those of the speakers.

Bas LangenbergBas @O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference 2019 – Berlin
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Bernd op weg naar de top!

Bernd is 27 jaar oud en werkt nu 1,5 jaar als consultant bij SynTouch. Bernd is leergierig en heeft de ambitie om carrière te maken in de ICT-sector. Afgelopen week haalde hij nog zijn “Pega Senior System Architect” certificaat en nu is hij alweer bezig met zijn volgende opleiding.  Naast het werk binnen SynTouch is hij druk met een onderzoek in de gezondheidszorg. Vanuit zijn studie doet Bernd onderzoek naar verstoringen in de operatiekamer. Zijn onderzoek wordt zelfs gepubliceerd in de Journal for Surgical Endoscopy. Daar zijn wij als SynTouch natuurlijk ook erg trots op!

Lees hieronder het verhaal van Bernd…

Lotte HermsenBernd op weg naar de top!
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Kafka Streaming – First Gulp

After setting up the environment, it is now time to simulate the beer ratings flowing in. As explained, I will start off several generators simultaneously. To generate some (intended) data skew away from the average, several generators will have the same structural event definition, however they will be different in the combination of users, beers and ratings upper and lower bounds. Of course this is also based on my personal preference – who said my demonstration scenario should be fair?

Milco NumanKafka Streaming – First Gulp
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Kafka Streaming – Setting Up


In this blog, I am going to zoom into KSQL and the opportunities it offers for manipulating streaming data in Kafka, by merely using SQL-like statements. One of the neat things about the Confluent Kafka platform, is that it provides additional utilities on top of the core Kafka tools. One of these utilities is the ksql-datagen, which allows users to generate random data based on a simple schema definition in Apache Avro.

Milco NumanKafka Streaming – Setting Up
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Kafka streaming


For a long time I have been interested in Apache Kafka and its applications. Unfortunately, forced by circumstances, work and other personal endevours, I had not been able to really dive deeper into the matters until Spring 2019. In April I have finally finished the Udemy course “Apache Kafka for Beginners“.
At work, my exposure to Kafka had only been limited, as we were (ultimately) publishing messages onto a Kafka topic using Oracle Service Bus. However, this was actually a Java-built integration, as we wer just pushing the messages onto a JMS queue, which had a MDB listening that propagated the messages to the Kafka cluster.

After completing the first training I got interested, especially in the role of Kafka in real-time event systems and I decided to take another course on Kafka Streams. I was a bit disappointed that this specific course focussed on the Java development quite heavily, and as an exception I decided to abandon the course uncompleted. During one of the Kafka Meetups, I found out that Confluent was actually offering a very interesting alternative to programming the Kafka Streams API in Java, viz. KSQL.

Milco NumanKafka streaming
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De uitdagingen van de Agile transformatie

Charles Darwin zei het al: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. Zo is het ook voor bedrijven noodzakelijk om (ICT) processen continu te verbeteren om de dienstverlening optimaal te kunnen blijven aansluiten op de steeds sneller veranderende wereld.

Willem de JongDe uitdagingen van de Agile transformatie
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Van International Business naar IT

Dennis is 22 jaar oud en werkt nu sinds een paar maanden bij SynTouch. Dennis koos na zijn opleiding International Business Administration voor IT. Hij begon met een IT traineeship, daarna is hij het SynTouch-team komen versterken. Vandaag bezoek ik hem om te kijken hoe zijn werk als consultant bevalt!

Lotte HermsenVan International Business naar IT
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Vergroot de waarde van uw data (Data Value Chain)

“Data and Analytics Programs Will Become Mission-Critical for all Businesses”, gaf Gartner al aan, terwijl Forrester stelt dat “Your Business Is Only As Fast As Your Data”. Data wordt door succesvolle bedrijven meer dan ooit beschouwd als een strategische asset, een noodzaak om het tijdperk van digitale transformatie te overleven.

Harald van der WeelVergroot de waarde van uw data (Data Value Chain)
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Data Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!

Data is Increasingly acknowledged as a strategic asset. It is required by organization to survive in a world that cries for agility, transparency and the power to act. Data Virtualization (DV) and API Management (AM) are two technologies that respond to this need. Therefore, they are in the spotlights today. Both DV and AM aim to provide you an effective, efficient, and controlled access to your data.

Harald van der WeelData Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!
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