Integration 2.0: Main integration concepts

This is the third blog in a series of 6 blogs about integration 2.0. Read the first blog Integration 2.0 and second blog Integration 2.0:Introdution!

EAC-s may be integrated through their standard interfaces. API-s are centrally exposed to the enterprise though an API-hub. Events are exchanged from publishers to subscribers through an Event-hub.

Harald van der WeelIntegration 2.0: Main integration concepts
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Integration 2.0: Introduction

This is the second blog in a series of 6 blogs about integration 2.0. Read the first blog Integration 2.0!

These recent developments have urged us to define a new Integration approach, that we call “Integration 2.0”. This approach aims to address the challenges posed by the technical and business developments for the next decade.

Harald van der WeelIntegration 2.0: Introduction
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AWS re:Invent 2018 – mostly serverless

Where we’re going, we don’t need servers!

One of the best soundbites I read during the week of re:Invent, was on the t-shirts of one of the vendors right there … (see the title of this section). I cannot recall which one it was and I must confess that I just put all my summer clothing in storage. Anyway, going serverless is one of the big trends and for me, as an integration consultant, this is the most natural fit for moving into the cloud,

Milco NumanAWS re:Invent 2018 – mostly serverless
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AWS re:Invent 2018 – new launches

The Event

In the first part of my blog I commented on Las Vegas itself and my experiences travelling to Las Vegas; in this part I will describe my experience with the actual reason for travelling to Las Vegas, viz. attending the AWS re:Invent 2018 event.

As you may already know, re:Invent is the yearly conference from Amazon Web Services (AWS), this time its seventh edition, held in Las Vegas, for customers, partners and vendors from the AWS ecosystem. The size of re:Invent is astonishing, during this conference (starting on Monday and ending around noon on Friday), it welcomes 53,000 participans, spread across 7 different venues for a total of over 2,200 sessions of content.

Milco NumanAWS re:Invent 2018 – new launches
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Las Vegas, or Tinseltown in the Desert

Sin City

This weekend I have returned from visiting my first AWS re:Invent. This seventh edition was (as always) held in Las Vegas – aka Sin City as it caters for the many vices people may pursue. Needless to say I have been a good boy and only indulged into drinking a few beers …

Milco NumanLas Vegas, or Tinseltown in the Desert
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SynTouch Data Value Chain – Reference Model

Digital disruption asks for new priorities in ICT-strategy. From killer app to killer data – this is how to start:

This blog is a new view to my earlier presented Data Value Chain-model. Data is an enterprise asset which represents value. The Data Value Chain visualizes and puts all data assets in sequence of increasing value. It is intended as a communication-tool to position our services and explain the opportunities and challenges of a data-related landscape.

Harald van der WeelSynTouch Data Value Chain – Reference Model
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Integration 2.0

Traditional Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is becoming a commodity. At the same time numerous sources overload us with all kinds of data, and new business models require everything to go faster and better. This cries for new integration approaches. Are YOU ready for Integration 2.0?

Harald van der WeelIntegration 2.0
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Is architectuur sexy of een paradox?

Op 15 november 2018 hebben we met SynTouch het Landelijk Architectuur Congres bezocht in de Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Dit jaar was het thema “Paradoxen in Architectuur”. En dit jaar konden we een feestje vieren, want het LAC bestaat 20 jaar !

Normaal gesproken is het beeld van een architect saai, oubollig en werken vanuit een ivoren toren. Kijken of hier langzaam verandering in gaat komen en zelfs sexy gaat worden. Of blijkt dit toch nog steeds een paradox?

Roger van de KimmenadeIs architectuur sexy of een paradox?
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Blockchain en smart contracts bestaan nu enkele jaren. Waar heeft dat toe geleid en waar staan we nu? Welke ervaringen hebben wij met SynTouch blockchainconsultancy opgedaan?

Ik ben sinds 2015 actief in de blockchainwereld. Ik ben begonnen met een startup rond het opslaan van intellectueel eigendom op de Bitcoinblockchain en heb me later via losse Ethereumprojecten met smart contracts ontwikkeld tot consultant, mijn huidige functie.

We praten regelmatig met bedrijven die ‘iets met blockchain’ willen doen, maar niet weten waar te beginnen. Er is grote behoefte aan kennis over blockchain: wat kun je er mee en beter nog, wat kan mijn organisatie er mee?

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TIBCO NOW: Innovation at the Edge

Las Vegas was dit jaar wederom het podium voor de jaarlijkse TIBCO conferentie TIBCO NOW:Innovation at the Edge. Samen met collega’s Jacco, Mostafa en Niels had ik het genoegen om deze conferentie dit jaar bij te wonen. Van 4 tot en met 6 september werden de bezoekers bijgepraat over het TIBCO Connected Intelligence platfrom en waren er diverse breakout sessies waarin de producten verder werden uitgediept.

Peter AdriaanseTIBCO NOW: Innovation at the Edge
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