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Eitje voor API

De digitalisering is al een aantal jaren gaande. Dit jaar is de digitale transformatie zelfs in een stroomversnelling terechtgekomen: om verspreiding van het Corona-virus tegen te gaan, hebben thuiswerken en online bestellen een boost gekregen. Bedrijven zijn genoodzaakt bestaande traditionele businessmodellen versneld te veranderen. Zo bezorgen restaurants volledige driegangendiners thuis en verzorgen artiesten privéconcerten en optredens via livestreams: dienstverlening steeds meer afgestemd op de klant en diens wensen.

Eelco VerslootEitje voor API
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Data Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!

Data is Increasingly acknowledged as a strategic asset. It is required by organization to survive in a world that cries for agility, transparency and the power to act. Data Virtualization (DV) and API Management (AM) are two technologies that respond to this need. Therefore, they are in the spotlights today. Both DV and AM aim to provide you an effective, efficient, and controlled access to your data.

Harald van der WeelData Virtualization + API management: A powerful couple in the data era!
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9 items to consider when selecting an API Manager

One of my hobbies is photography and when I bought my first camera it was a compact camera. I soon realized and experienced that I needed a reflex camera (SLR), because the resolution, speed and quality was far more better. I did not realize it until I really used the product. The again after a few years I noticed that I did not use my camera a lot. Why was that? Because the camera was pretty big and unpractical to take with me all the time. Then I read about a system camera, which has the advantage of being small, but still has the possibility to switch lenses. I never regretted my choices, because at the time it seemed to be the best choice. Today there are a lot of camera’s with lots of possibilities and specifications. Which one to pick? This depends on a lot of factors. What do you want to photograph with the camera. What type of photographs do you want to take, for example portret-, landscape-, sport- or street photography.

Roger van de Kimmenade9 items to consider when selecting an API Manager
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Event: De nieuwe wereld van BIG DATA en API

De nieuwe wereld van Big Data en API’S – 11 April

Gisterenavond mochten wij een grote groep young professionals en andere geïnteresseerden in “De nieuwe wereld van BIG DATA en API” ontvangen. Het evenement maakt deel uit van een reeks ‘experience evenementen’ waar we de deelnemers meenemen in onze wereld van applicatie- en dataintegratie, blockchain, business process / case management en architectuur.

Lotte HermsenEvent: De nieuwe wereld van BIG DATA en API
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New features WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0

WSO2 has recently released a new version of the API Manager: version 2.0.0. So what are the new features of the product?

I will take you through some new features.


The API Manager consists of three packages to be downloaded.

Roger van de KimmenadeNew features WSO2 API Manager 2.0.0
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