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AWS re:Invent 2018 – new launches

The Event

In the first part of my blog I commented on Las Vegas itself and my experiences travelling to Las Vegas; in this part I will describe my experience with the actual reason for travelling to Las Vegas, viz. attending the AWS re:Invent 2018 event.

As you may already know, re:Invent is the yearly conference from Amazon Web Services (AWS), this time its seventh edition, held in Las Vegas, for customers, partners and vendors from the AWS ecosystem. The size of re:Invent is astonishing, during this conference (starting on Monday and ending around noon on Friday), it welcomes 53,000 participans, spread across 7 different venues for a total of over 2,200 sessions of content.

Milco NumanAWS re:Invent 2018 – new launches
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Las Vegas, or Tinseltown in the Desert

Sin City

This weekend I have returned from visiting my first AWS re:Invent. This seventh edition was (as always) held in Las Vegas – aka Sin City as it caters for the many vices people may pursue. Needless to say I have been a good boy and only indulged into drinking a few beers …

Milco NumanLas Vegas, or Tinseltown in the Desert
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TIBCO NOW™ My Digital Journey

After it had been over 18 months since the last TIBCO NOW™ event, last May (17, 18 and 19) TIBCO again organized an impressive edition of this conference. This time at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas.

Some facts and figures:

  • Over 1800 visitors
  • Over 90 partners from 25 countries
  • 50 customer presentations
  • Over 120 breakout sessions
  • 80 showcase demo’s
  • Over 20 hands-on labs, trainings and certification sessions
  • The Digital Hub, a huge area full of stands, meetingpoints, demo’s and games
Harald DamTIBCO NOW™ My Digital Journey
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