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Event Driven Architecture – Part 2


This is the second blog about event driven architecture. As was described in the first blog item, there are several levels on which events occur and are relevant. It is important on which level you want to implement your EDA. In this blog I will concentrate on the application-to-application level and beyond and I will describe a reference architecture that we use at SynTouch.

Event Driven Architecture

Events are the driving force within the event driven architecture. Events are produced, detected, consumed and reacted upon. One of the main principles of EDA is the separation and isolation of the sources and the handling of the event notifications. The advantages and use cases for an EDA are:

Roger van de KimmenadeEvent Driven Architecture – Part 2
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10 Golden rules for Data Management

(Lessons from DAMA)

Data increasingly proves value to organizations. Data allows them to improve products, services and processes, reduce risks and gain competitive advantage by being able to predict demand more accurately.

Data Management is the key to optimally profit from the benefits data has to offer. Successful Data Management (DM) delivers the right data at the right stakeholder or process at the right time.

DAMA provides a standardized approach to organize Data Management. DAMA addresses several topics (‘knowledge area’s’) that are separately elaborated in the DAMA/DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge). Think of domains like Data Storage, Data Interoperability, Data-warehousing and Data Security. Each domain describes its own objectives, activities, processes, deliverables and principles – the rules to conduct data management effectively. In total DAMA lists about 150 of those principles.

As this number of rules is hard to live by, we have analyzed all and condensed them into a manageable set of 10 golden rules that together define fundamental critical success factors of DAMA.

Harald van der Weel10 Golden rules for Data Management
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Event Driven Architecture


Data is the buzzword these days: organizations want to be data driven. They create a lot of data, want to create value out of this data and want the data fast and available 24/7. Therefore the IT architecture needs to be flexible, scalable, resilient, responsive and message (data) driven.

This is where an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) can help and in the next 4 blogs I want to guide you in this event journey.

This first blog will be about events in general and how they can be utilized on all kinds of levels within an organization. In the second blog I will talk about a reference architecture that organizations can use as a starting point. It explains which capabilities are relevant in such an architecture. In the third blog I will describe some principles and guidelines that you can use within an event driven architecture. In the last blog I will explain how an organization can become event driven. I will take you through a maturity model and the steps that you can take to get to a level that your organization needs to reach its business goals.

Roger van de KimmenadeEvent Driven Architecture
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Datafication and DAMA

Datafication is an unstoppable trend for the coming years. Its bottom line: data is as an asset instead of a by-product of processes and applications.

Companies like Facebook have caused an emphasis on the value of data – both commercially and strategically. New technologies allow to build applications instantly to support new business models and customer needs, what nowadays causes data to outlive applications.

Harald van der WeelDatafication and DAMA
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