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Low-Code / No-Code in an enterprise landscape

The demand for software engineers exceeds supply. And this gap only will keep on growing for the next decade. Trends predict that the coming years the software development capacity decrease to less than 25% of the need. The call for more productive engineering methods is inevitable.

Harald van der WeelLow-Code / No-Code in an enterprise landscape
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Geen woorden maar beelden

Over efficient documenteren en visualiseren

Enterprise architecture bestaat uit drie hoofdlagen: businessprocessen, applicaties en infrastructuur. Businessprocessen bepalen welke applicatie het best bij de organisatie past. Terwijl applicaties op hun beurt weer bepalen welke infrastructuren nodig zijn. Door deze architectuur op consistente wijze te visualiseren, krijgen discussies tussen de ICT- en businesszijde meer betekenis.

Bart-Jan KeetelsGeen woorden maar beelden
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City trip to Enterprise Architecture

​A city trip to Enterprise Architecture – an analogy

Enterprise Architecture may be hard to grasp. Especially for people who have little feeling with this topic. An analogy usually helps explaining it. One that works pretty fine to me, is a city. This city-analogy allows me to project map enterprise architecture on common life concepts. Both enterprise and city are comparable as they have goals, an organization structure, functions and processes. Buildings in the city resemble applications; roads the infrastructure; people and goods the data.This article dives a bit deeper into this comparison. It discusses and compares architectural aspects and roles (see also my blog on architecture roles)

Harald van der WeelCity trip to Enterprise Architecture
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