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Integration 2.0

Traditional Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is becoming a commodity. At the same time numerous sources overload us with all kinds of data, and new business models require everything to go faster and better. This cries for new integration approaches. Are YOU ready for Integration 2.0?

Harald van der WeelIntegration 2.0
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Guys don’t want to commit

Last week I hosted a “Bits & Bites” session on Serverless for my colleagues and some guests. These sessions are centered around some new technology, concepts or functionality (the “Bits” part) that one of us has encountered in his daily work and wants to spread the word. These events are great fun as you get to meet with your colleagues who frequently are working some other project and have dinner together (the “Bites” part) – these kinds of extras make the work fun!

As always, I had prepared way too much material for the hands-on exercises. To the positive side, nobody can claim that they finished early and had to keep themselves busy.

Milco NumanGuys don’t want to commit
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