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SynTouch op J-Fall

Dit jaar was de 9de editie van J-FALL in Ede, de grootste Java conferentie in Nederland.
Met 1800+ deelnemers, 64 (internationale) sprekers, 50+ stands en 50+ sessies!

Als ik het vergelijk met vorig jaar, lag dit jaar de focus meer op de nieuwe features en details van Java. We zien met de half jaarlijkse releases van de JDK, natuurlijk dat er veel functionaliteiten, in een snel tempo worden toegevoegd.

Qun WangSynTouch op J-Fall
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Java User Group 7 & 8 Februari

# Introduction

Although I have never read “Clean Code”, by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin, it’s known as one of the books you have to read if you want to grow as a developer. Writing code that’s doing it’s job is one thing, making sure it is understandable and maintainable by yourself and other developers in your team is essential to keep the ability to deliver business requirements in a timely fasion.

It did not take me long to sign up after I saw Java Usergroup Utrecht, together with my old customer Rabobank, posting 2 meetups with Uncle Bob. One is about Clean Code, the other one is about Clean Architecture. After I was confirmed, I checked with my employer, who thought it was no problem at all to attend. Normally I do this the other way around, but I reckoned this would sell out really quickly. Turned out I was right. There were 400 slots for each day, with a big waitlist eager to jump in if someone could not make it.

In this blog, I share what I have learned on these two very interesting days.

Bas LangenbergJava User Group 7 & 8 Februari
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