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Settings Business Objectives in Pega’s App Express

The second step in creating a new application with App Express asks you to define a set of business objectives. Chances are that management already decided on funding this application and timing if this step might seem a little odd, it is still wise to have the project members think of the primary objectives for implementing this particular app.

Edgar VerburgSettings Business Objectives in Pega’s App Express
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Creating a new Pega Application with App Express

So you have the Pega 7 platform up and running. Now what? It´s time for one of the essential tasks often performed by a Lead System Architect (LSA) which is setting up a new application structure. This structure includes more than just an application name. It also defines certain business and technical aspects. To capture these aspects Pega comes with a wizard called App Express. This wizard will effectively generate rules to define the Organizational and Class hierarchies. One should not think lightly about naming class layers, since it could make or break maintainability and re-usability in the future.

Edgar VerburgCreating a new Pega Application with App Express
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